Vancouver Island Moulding & Millwork: Overview

Vancouver Moulding and Millwork

ArtTrim Woodwork – Vancouver Island moulding & millwork professionals – can help convert your room from an empty box to a luxuriously textured living space. Door and window casings, crown moulding, wall treatments, chair rails, baseboards, and the like – can completely alter your residence without changing its basic structure or committing to major reconstruction of the property.

Most Vancouver Island homes built today lack the decorative details that provide a space with architectural character and identity. Rooms are often plain and uninspired. Open floor plans frequently seen in contemporary houses create large, undefined areas and undifferentiated spaces.

This is where architectural millwork comes into play. Installing decorative moulding not only adds beauty and substance to a plain home but also is a stylish solution to the design challenges posed by many contemporary houses. ArtTrim Woodwork can offer you a variety of mouldings and moulding treatments adaptable to any design.

Why add architectural millwork: mouldings and trimming

Rooms owe their architectural identity to their basic size and shape, the balanced placement of windows and doors, and the millwork on the walls and ceilings. Today, most houses continue the minimalist trend. Decorating them usually involves “applied materials” – such things as window treatments, wallpaper, and paint – that homeowners can apply or remove fairly easily themselves.

The applied-materials approach goes a long way toward improving the appearance of some houses, but it has its limitations. This fact becomes especially clear when you’re faced with the “Empty box syndrome” – walls and ceilings that are as featureless and characterless as the inside of an empty box. You can dress up rooms with curtains, paint, or carpeting, but plain and sterile walls will remain the major feature of a room’s background. If you are surrounded by ordinary white walls in your home, consider them a blank slate upon which you can create beautiful rooms.

Without resorting to major reconstruction, such as moving walls and windows, the best way to enhance the character of a house architecturally is to install or upgrade the trim. As you consider redecorating, you might be concerned that extensive millwork will make small rooms feel even smaller. In fact, however, the opposite occurs. Through an event known as “geometric illusion,” trims often make a room be seen larger and wider. For example, long horizontal lines can make you feel that a room is longer and wider than it really is. Equally, long vertical lines can make a low ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

As Vancouver Island moulding & millwork professionals, we’ll work with you to give you understanding of some design basics, and knowledge of how moulding and trimwork is applied. Our base service area includes Port Alberni, Qualicum Beach, Parksville & Nanaimo.