Vancouver Island Staircases & Handrails Specialists

Vancouver Staircases & Handrails Specialists

As experienced Vancouver Ialand staircase installers we could help you to add functionality and architectural touch to the interior design of your home.  Arising at dramatic angles from floor to floor, traditional staircases proudly display fine material and elegant lines – appropriate as the first thing one sees from a home’s entrance.

A staircase is full of architectural components that include handrails, treads and risers, newel posts and balustrades, each adding to the significant visual impact of the whole. The stair case glossary will help you to visualize some of the basic staircase components.

In modern cities like Vancouver, the balance between beauty and function has shifted toward the practical over the years, even the most ordinary modern staircases can be made over with a variety of upgrades and additions that do not require rebuilding the staircase.

A notable characteristic of staircase design is that the finished product reveals very little about its basic construction. Without precise inspection, you can’t see the supports and all little joint and fasteners that hold the parts together. Identifying the standard parts and learning a little about how your staircase is built are the first steps to redecorating.