Moulding Treatments in Port Alberni, BC by Art Trim Woodwork

Moulding Treatments in Port Alberni, BC by Art Trim Woodwork

Moulding used to trim doors, windows, and other openings is called casing. The casing is also commonly used for chair rails, cabinet trim, and other decorative purposes. As Vancouver Island moulding treatments specialists, Art Trim Woodwork offers a variety of moulding treatments to our clients in Port Alberni, Parksville, Qualicum Beach & Nanaimo areas.

The baseboard protects the bottom of a wall from wear and tear and hides irregularities where the wall and floor meet. A shoe moulding is installed along the bottom front edge to hide unevenness in the flooring and give the baseboard a finished look. Other mouldings can be used to enhance a wall, including wainscoting and chair rails. Wainscoting can impact a country’s look to kitchens and bathrooms or a more formal appearance to living or dining rooms.

Wall frames look like a series of empty picture frames running along a wall. Painted in the same color as the surrounding walls, they lend a sculptural quality to a surface. Painted to contrast with the surrounding wall, they can create a striking three-dimensional appearance of varying depths.

Cornices create a decorative transition between walls and ceilings and work especially well in rooms with high ceilings. Crown moulding, the most popular type of cornice, has a profile that projects out and down and gives a rich appearance. Cornices are also used in combination with other mouldings to form decorative mantels and frames.

Pillars, with their massive presence, are useful as a way to define space in an open floor plan. Fluted pilasters are elegant architectural elements that can enhance any room.

You may think the elegant staircase is a thing of the past, but the application of trimwork can improve any home’s main staircase without extensive construction.

The same is true for fireplace mantels. The popularity of wood-burning and gas-fired fireplaces has made these appliances popular for additions, renovations, and new construction. In most cases, the embellishment of the area around a fireplace is left up to the homeowner.

Crown Moulding: Framing Elegance from Ceiling to Wall

Redecorating with trimwork gives you a chance to create new warmth and beauty in the home with which you originally fell in love. To do so with confidence, you’ll want to make design choices appropriate to your space and décor. In some contemporary homes, for example, elaborate moulding treatments could be out of place. But don’t make the common mistake of underestimating the amount of trim that rooms can tastefully accommodate.

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