Staircase Project Glossary

At Art Trim Woodwork Port Alberni, we listen to our customers and help them get the staircase they want, something they would be very happy with as a finished product. A typical staircase and railing installation would inevitably involve some level of interaction and communication with a client. If you’re not aware of what your staircase project may involve, we thought it would be helpful to include here this basic glossary, so you could familiarize yourself with some of the terms you might come across with later.

Staircase Installation Glossary | Art Trim Woodwork in Port Alberni, BC

Vertically positioned part of the staircase that serves the purpose of infilling support between the railing and the tread. Design-wise balusters can be plain or decorative.

All the railing parts of the staircase assembled together. The balustrade will then include the newels posts (newels), the balusters, and the railing.

Installed for safety to prevent falling into open spaces and provides stability to the whole staircase structure as well. Could compliment the overall staircase design.

Carved or shaped top part of the newel post. An ornamental feature to contribute to the staircase “look and feel”.

Solid anchors that connects and supports the railing (handrails) and the treads.

The vertical measurement between the bottom and the top tread of the staircase flight.

The part of the step raises and forms the front part (face) of the step. Could be of different sizes, but should not exceed 220mm for residential staircases.

The horizontal measurement of the staircase.

The top surface part of a step.