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Staircase Treads & Risers Installation Services in Port Alberi, BC

Each step of a staircase has two parts: the tread is the horizontal part that you walk on, and the riser is the vertical part between the treads. The treads and risers may be connected with dado (grooved) joints or may simply be butted together. With notched stringers, the treads and risers are nailed in place; with housed stringers, their ends are secured within the stringer grooves by glued wedges. Some staircases also have a starting step, a wider, sometimes deeper first step that typically has one or more rounded ends and often supports the newel.

The treads and risers may be the most practical parts of a staircase, but they also have a significant impact on its appearance. Traditional finish stairs have polished hardwood treads and hardwood or paint-grade risers. If not left bare, they usually receive a carpet runner; a narrow strip of carpet with finished edges that leave the attractive ends of the steps. One of the most dramatic staircase makeovers is turning a modern, carpeted version into a beautiful finish staircase by removing the carpet and adding new hardwood treads and riser panels.

Transform Your Staircase with Art Trim Woodwork

The heartbeat of your staircase lies in the treads and risers, and our Staircase Installation Services in Port Alberni, BC are designed to make that heartbeat resonate with elegance. Contact us for a consultation and step into a world where each tread and riser is a testament to timeless elegance.